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In hygienic installations it is decisive the impeccable cleaning of all surfaces coming in contact with our product.
To fulfill that requirement, the whole installation, including its elements and connections, must be designed and constructed for safe fluid exchange.
On one hand, that is useful for CIP suitability, and on the other hand, it ensures that there are no dead zones with product deposition, which could infiltrate unchecked to the next process.
offers its know-how and experience in designing and mounting hygienic installations suitable for CIP systems, using adequate valves for each process and the engineering needed to contruct them.
CIP centrals’ configuration, in its Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic models, is analyzed in its technical aspects with the client according to the process or product being elaborated.

FRAUTSCHI provides system optimization as well as post-sale service to guarantee the correct functioning of its installation; therefore giving our clients the best possible set of advantages.

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